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Mountain Top Retreat
13705 Cottonwood Canyon Rd.
Bozeman, MT 59718
Sometimes merely getting away from it all is not enough.  While the majority of our guests come to enjoy our beautiful setting and experience the wide variety of activities in the region, a significant minority come to work through personal, marital, and family problems in a peaceful and accepting setting.  Mountain Top Ministries uses a Christ-centered, exchanged-life approach that helps people resolve issues and concerns in an environment where the Bible is considered authoritative and sufficient to bring lasting change and healing.
Answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who can come for counseling?
We meet with people from the local area and with those who fly or drive from up to several states away.  We help people regardless of their faith background, including those who profess no faith at all.  All are welcome here.  However, because Mountain Top is a Biblically-based counseling center, we approach individual and marital issues from a spiritual, Christ-centered perspective.  Before you decide to come here, please read the information below and on subsequent pages.  If in doubt, call us; we will be happy to any questions that will help you determine if our approach is right for you.*
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What is Biblical discipleship counseling?
These days, it is hard to sort out the differences between secular, Christian, and Biblical counseling approaches.  Follow this link for a brief discussion and explanation of biblical discipleship counseling.

What do we believe?
Please take a moment to read through our statement of faith.  If you have more specific questions, please call us.*

What is this going to cost?
Because we are a ministry, our financial policies are unusual.  Follow this link to find out what we charge and get the details of our financial policies.
How do I set up an appointment?
You can call or email to set-up an appointment.  Once you have scheduled a meeting time, please download an intake form (pdf).  Bring the completed form to your first appointment.  If you are coming from more than 50 miles away, you will likely find it beneficial to stay on-site during your counseling; please mention this when you contact us.

What are your affiliations?
Mountain Top Ministries is a member of Network 220.  We are also associated with Christian Life Ministries, located in Rapid City, SD.

* Please call us rather than emailing doctrinal questions.  Answering this type of question is much easier over the phone.  Alternatively, you may find it helpful to email and request that we schedule a free initial phone appointment to discuss your questions.