Directions: From Billings
Directions for those traveling west on I-90 from Billings and points East of Bozeman
Copyright 2017
by Mountain Top Ministries
Driving west on I-90, take exit 305 (Bozeman 19th Street)
south through town and then out of town. Total distance
about 10 miles.

The road will come to a "T" at Cottonwood Rd. Turn left
(south) and proceed on winding road about 2.1 miles.  Look
for Cottonwood Canyon Rd. off to left.   Cottonwood Canyon
Rd. is a gravel road, and you will know you are almost there
when you take a hard left, go down a steeper section of
Cottonwood Rd. and take a hard right.

Take Cottonwood Canyon Rd. 1.0 miles looking for a large
Yellowstone Alliance Adventures sign on the right; turn right.
Drive to the right of the YAA sign. 
Continue 3/4 mile up the winding driveway to the Retreat (do
not turn left into the upper Y.A.A. entrance).  At the top, the
road is paved.   Drive up and park under the carport of the
lodge, which is the large building on the right.  Check in at the
lodge front desk, unless you have made other arrangements
with us.  Thank you!

Warning!  If you are using Map Quest, another online map
provider, or a GPS, and it includes directions that involve
Portnel Rd.  or Little Bear Rd., do not follow them.  Use our
directions instead (or pack a sleeping bag).