Our Financial Policies:

Our Goal

It is our intent to offer quality biblical counseling to all who desire it regardless of their ability to pay.


Our Fee

We suggest that each client pay $45 per hour for counseling. This is a suggestion rather than a requirement, and we ask each person individually to pray about their financial means and what is a reasonable and fair fee based upon their situation.


Our Costs

Although this is a non-profit ministry, as you might expect we do have fixed costs of operation.  Insurance, utilities, cleaning, and property maintenance, all contribute to our costs for each session. In addition, we are called to pay our workers a fair wage for their time preparing for each session, actually counseling, the follow-up work for each session, as well as other related office work.


How we are Supported

Our staff raise funds from outside sources to be able to provide counseling to people without respect to their ability to pay. Generally, our cost of counseling is a good bit higher than the fees we collect from clients. This difference is made up primarily by regular donations from individuals and churches. There is a delicate balance between offering low-cost counseling to all who need it and unfairly asking our supporters to pay for the counseling of people who are financially better off than those making the donations. In practice, it is impossible for us to make this trade-off, which is why we ask you to pray and ask God what is fair.



We ask clients to pay at the conclusion of each counseling session. Checks may be made out to Mountain Top Ministries, or MTM. If you prefer to pay with a credit card, we can email you an invoice that you can use to pay online with a card, Paypal, or Venmo.



If you have further questions, please call us.