Our approach

Biblical discipleship counseling at Mountain Top Retreat emphasizes grace, the character of God, and the exchanged life. As a Biblical counseling ministry, our approach relies upon the Bible as true, authoritative, relevant, and sufficient.  We rely upon Scripture as the primary tool for addressing personal needs, solving relational problems, healing from past hurts, and bringing about cognitive and behavioral change.


We are a pastoral counseling ministry that offers Biblically-based advice to help individuals come to a greater understanding of the grace of God and the life changing ability of the word of God.  Because we do not operate underneath the authority of  a government agency, we are not state-licensed professionals, nor are we able or competent to prescribe medication.

Our counseling model

Our counseling model is designed to disciple Christians with a correct understanding of  both their identity in Jesus Christ and  the relevance of knowing God's character accurately.  Inherent to this is the realization that people often have false beliefs systems about themselves, others,  God, and even about life and relationship goals.  We emphasize the finished work of Christ and how to integrate these truths into the realities of  everyday life.  Through the use of cognitive tools, individuals are taught how to engage their minds in accurate beliefs in order to produce lasting change in their attitudes and behavior.


We are an exchanged life counseling ministry.  Galatians 2:20 speaks of the exchanged life as recognizing the truth that we are dead to our old ways and both enabled and called to live out Christ's life in our everyday world.  Our counseling approach helps individuals understand how to yield their lives to the power of the Holy Spirit moment by moment, as opposed to operating their lives in their own way and in their own strength.  As individuals surrender their own means of finding fulfillment in this world for God and His ways, they can experience true victory and freedom in their lives and relationships.


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