Gallatin, Emerson, Hyalite

Identical (2BR, 1BA) houses for four people

These cozy two bedroom guesthouses all have the same floor plan, furnishings and finishes.  They share similar views as well.

Main floor:


Living room

Bathroom (full)

Queen bedroom (1 Queen bed)

Twin bedroom (2 Twin beds)

Gallatin (2BR, 1BA)

Gallatin is the first of the three houses you will see as you drive up.  It's the closest to the Blackmore guesthouse and will sometimes be rented along with that house for just a bit more space.

Emerson (2BR, 1BA)

Emerson is the middle house.  It is set a bit further back than the others and has a little more foliage between it and the main driveway.

Hyalite (2BR, 1BA)

Of the three houses, Hyalite is the one furthest from the entrance.  Because it is relatively close to the Bridger guesthouse, some groups reserve both houses for a bit more overnight capacity.


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